Lara Orman’s practice incorporates drawing, painting and printmaking. Her artistic process and research explore Metaphysical issues and paradoxes in conjunction with Eastern and Western Philosophies.

Orman incorporates delicate materials that are easily disrupted by the rain and the wind or the snow and ice. The elemental forces leave impressions within the art before they become bound to the surface. On the surface area she creates distinctive, yet connected and intimate drawings, which show an exploration into an otherworldly landscape, flowing into dark vortices.

 An uneasy pervasiveness weaves throughout the art, with a notion towards a strangely morphing geology and ecosystem; into the beneath and beyond.

A fascination with rock and tree formations along with Northern Romantic influences, the weird, the whimsical and the unknown, inform automatic drawings, in which delve into a mercurial ocean of strange loops, folds and entangled ontologies.

Orman seeks to find ways to express the wonders of an inner world. What you see on the surface presents a dark glimpse into a liminal space between mind and matter. 


October 29th - November 14th 2021- (solo Show) Vortices - Birnam Arts - Dunkeld, Perthshire

2020- (Solo Show) Mercurial Night  - Arusha Gallery - Edinburgh

2020- Exercise Three - Arusha Online Gallery (

2020- Satellite - Alma College- Michigan -USA

2020- Circle - Printmaking Gallery - DJCAD - Dundee

2019- MFA AH- Descend beneath the Surface - Cooper Gallery - Dundee

2019- New Contemporaries - Royal Scottish Academy - Edinburgh  



2018- Degree Show - Mysteries of the Beyond - DJCAD - Dundee

2018- Print Exchange between DJCAD and NSCAD - Reception Gallery, DJCAD - Dundee


2017- Shelter Stone – The Artist and The Mountain, Multiple locations - Scotland


2017- Resources - Anna Leonowens Gallery - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada

2017- Virtual Landscapes- VRC space- Dundee Contemporary Arts - Dundee


2017- The Undiscovered Landscape - Matthew Gallery, DJCAD - Dundee




2019- Arusha Gallery Award

2018- William Sangster Philips Scholarship 

2018- Making Matters Award

2018- Royal Scottish Academy, New Contemporaries selected Artist 



Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee – Scotland

2018- 2019 - MFA Art and Humanities 

2014- 2018 - BA Fine Art